Responsiveness and Flexibility allows us to adapt to evolving clients whilst our commitment is continuously being monitored by Clientskey and Certification.

Skilled workers

An education program has been developed for all direct eight employees to under go pre entering the work place.

The education program provides skill sets within customer services, corporate cleaning, attention to detail and communication.


Prior to receiving a complaint from our clients. Allocating regular site inspections, focuses on our workers’ attention to detail, eliminating the cutting of corners and successfully completing actual site specifications.

Implementing regular onsite inspections and conducting regular reviews helps achieve immediate resolutions with our team’s expertise.


Within are technological advanced systems your able to monitor your services deliverable on your mobile device.


In discussions with our clients it is imperative to understand the objectives.

Once the objectives are clear our team is able to provide a specific direction and pathway of a healthy safe cleaning environment.

our technological advanced management systems of clientskey enables all within the structure to be kept up to date of the services conducted by employees.

State of the art equipment

We provide the latest technological advanced equipment to maintain the highest cleaning standards.

Our educational trained employees are able to provide clear directions of equipment requirements and maintenance services.


We are always thinking about our social values, continuously sourcing environmentally friendly products, reducing our impact and footprint on the environment.

All our business management tools are now electronic. Striving to be 100% paperless.

Even if use hazardous chemicals, we are always following appropriate environmental guidelines to waste management.

Staff are educated in recycling, thus knowing how to dispose of waste in the appropriate locations.

Partnerships are formed with companies with similar views when it comes to recycling.

Community awareness plays a major role in how and when we are recycling.

Duty of care

We have an obligation to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm and loss through damage. Accepting responsibility for our actions and reactions allows us to be a comprehensive corporate cleaning service.

Through accountability recording, it shows willingness by workers to admit mistakes and rectify issues immediately.

Clientskey Management system

Our technically advanced digital management system enables communication to clients management and employees via instant messages

Personnel management

We look after our most valuable asset, our workforce. Via regular training, special events, personal meetings and professional development course outside our organisation, allows us to maintain moral at a high.

We appreciate their loyalty and reward them continuously with new opportunities and experiences.

Our Human resources department is hands on when it comes to managing our staff.