About Us

  • Our goal is to be industry leaders in contract cleaning, offering our client a service which cannot and will not be surpassed.

    We will be technology based, offering our clients new and innovative cleaning solutions as they become available.

    We will source only the best quality chemicals and products to be used on our clients site.

    We aim to service our clients well into the future, focusing on sustainability.

  • Our Aim

    We do not wish to be considered as ” not another cleaning company “. In order to stand out above the rest we tend to offer our clients a service which by far out ways us from our competitors.

    Our response time is second to none. Our aim is to respond to our clients needs with lightning speed.

    In fact you will get 80 percent of your business from 20 percent of your customers. Our reputation and our clients are most important to us.
    We operate twenty four hours per day, seven days a week. We focus on offering our clients fixed costs and security knowing that we are backed by a solid industry reputation, knowledge of methodology in cleaning and overall exceed our clients expectations.

    Years of experience in dealing with a wide range of different clients and a vast expertise in all aspects of cleaning has moulded us into a cleaning service that is followed by others.


    Our managed services, tailored solutions and maintenance plans for each client, aids in the protection of our clients asset.