Direct8 provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication such as, trainning sessions and team meetings. Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities.
Employees must immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors, specific managers.

  • We undertake a monthly audit of:

    1. Clients premises
    2. Our workers performance
    3. Condition of our equipment

    Prior to commencing work on your premises, we conduct site inspections for ourselves. This enable us to taylor make the service that is right for the client and also allows us to implement safety to site, thus protecting the client and our workers.

    • Job safety assessment sheet
    • Hazards register
    • Job and training record
    • Online induction sheet.
    • On line registration form.
    • Material safety data sheets— These are site specific and each premises will receive a booklet as to what chemicals we are supplying to their site.
    • SOP – Safe operating procedures for works that arecarried out on clients site.
    • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment policy. What our workers must wear at all times.

    We supply safety kits to all our sites. These include safety vests, safety goggles, breathing apparatus, gloves and ear plugs.