Occupational Health and Safety

OHS induction training is just one way that employers can provide health and safety information to new employees at all levels within the organisation.

  • It introduces employees to the basic principles of workplace safety in order to assist in the prevention of injury and illness at work.

    When we focus on occupational health and safety, our main focus is on the well being of our clients and our staff. We conduct regular maintenance checks on our electrical equipment. This is done by making sure all our electrical equipment is tested and tagged. We also make sure all of our chemicals are clearly labelled and stored in appropriate locations on site.

  • Training our staff through inductions, on handling and storing of chemicals is our top priority to staff commencing work with Direct8.

    Our employees are trained to report all workplace injuries, wear the appropriate protective clothing and eyewear, follow safe work place practices, safe working methods and keep their own workplace neat and tidy.

    Direct8 has an extensive return to work program and an extensive support group.